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KeraGENtrix® Temporary Skin Substitute is indicated as a temporary cover for superficial partial thickness burns. Its action is the facilitation of epithelialization by means of physical wound cover, the maintenance of a moist wound healing environment, creating a physical barrier to infection, mechanical protection and providing a scaffold for epithelial migration.


  • Partial-thickness burns

  • Temporary cover on full-thickness burns

  • Skin donor sites

  • Hand burns

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Directions for use:

6 – 48 hours post injury

  • Complete debridement of non-viable tissue until punctate bleeding is visible
  • Apply KeraGENtrixTM with the dull rough side down and wrinkle-free against the wound surface with slight tension
  • Place KeragentrixTM on wound with a slight margin overlap
  • Secure with surgical glue, staples, skin clips or sutures to hold KeraGENtrixTM firmly in contact with wound surface
  • Apply an antimicrobial dressing as a precaution against infection
  • Apply abdominal swabs and crepe bandages or any suitable absorptive layer under light tension

24 hours post KeraGENtrixTM application

  • Do not remove the antimicrobial dressing
  • Do not get the dressing wet
  • Do not move the covered area more than necessary

 24 to 36 hours post KeraGENtrixTM application

  • Remove the covering antimicrobial dressing to expose KeraGENtrixTM

If KeraGENtrixTM is adherent and no fluid accumulation is present, DO NOT REMOVE, rewrap with the antimicrobial dressing

If KeraGENtrixTM is loose, but the underlying tissue is still viable remove any non-purulent fluid, rewrap the antimicrobial dressing and observe in 24 hours for adherence

If KeraGENtrixTM is loose and there is purulent fluid, remove purulent non-adherent areas and use topical antimicrobial therapy to reduce bacterial contamination

KeraGENtrixTM should peel away from healed tissue following 10 – 14 days.


  • Individuals with a known hypersensitivity to bovine collagen
  • Clinically diagnosed infected wounds
  • KeraGENtrixTM will not adhere to non-viable tissue
Sizes available Code Nappi Code QTY
10 x 10 cm KERA1 491472/001 3per box
10 x 20 cm KERA2 491475/001 3per box
12.5 x 40 cm KERA3 491478/001 3per box
20 x 40 cm KER005 624738/001 1per box 
40 x 40 cm KER006 126575/001 1per box
Paediatric glove KERPGL 491472/001 1per box 
Small glove KERSGL 525546/001 1per box 
Medium glove KERMGL 525549/001 1per box 
Large glove KERLGL 525550/001 1per box