Elta® SilverGel


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Elta SilverGel is a unique combination of a clear, amorphous gel and silver ions. ELTA is designed to release the silver ions according to the bioburden on the wound bed in order to limit microorganism proliferation while providing a moist healing environment. ELTA SilverGel flows into the wound bed allowing for a high degree of conformity. Research has shown that dressings containing silver must come fully into contact with the wound bed or wound exudate in order to be most effective.

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Elta® Silver Gel™ Temporary skin substitute

  • Silver ions immediately available – fast acting
  • Controlled silver ion release according to the bioburden
  • Can be applied on high risk areas to assist in preventing infection
  • High conformability ensures full contact with wound bed
  • Provides moist healing environment
  • Will assist in desloughing devitalised tissue
  • Soothing gel will help increase patient comfort
  • Will not discolour or stain tissue
  • No additional moistening of dressing is required
  • Can be used with any wound cleanser
  • Cost effective wound care solution